Dynamic Prop Balance

Why Dynamically Balance Your Propeller at Aero Care?

You may read advertisements for engine overhauls where they balance your crankshaft down to a fraction of a gram. Did you know that further away from the crankshaft center-line an imbalance occurs, the more effect it has? How about that 6 ft. diameter propeller that weighs 70 lbs? That crankshaft is only a small part of a dynamically balanced power plant.

Would you spin balance your cars wheels without the tires? Of course not, they are larger and heavier than the wheel itself, making a proper balance job even more important.

Don’t be mistaken that balancing is more important for hi powered aircraft. We have found fixed pitch props require just as much vibration analysis than constant speed types. And their lightweight spinner bulkheads are even more susceptible to cracking than more rugged constant speed arrangements.

Even if your plane feels OK in the cockpit, you may require a balance correction. Considerable time and expense went into designing your plane to keep vibration from reaching the cockpit. This does not mean your engine, cowling, baffles, exhaust system, accessories and gyros are not suffering from a vibration excess.

A simple run up with our computerized test equipment installed can take a survey of your vibration spectrum and let us know if balancing if necessary. Once the correct weights are installed you can tell the difference from the first start up. Think how nice that will be for your airplane, and for your long term cost savings.