About Aero Care, Inc.

Our convenient location 9 miles west of the GDM VOR has two 5,000 ft., recently rebuilt runways (14-32, 01-19, also a closed but existing 04-22) which  make for easy take offs and landings, winds are almost always down the runway direct headwind. This makes for safe and efficient first flights especially after new cylinder installations, annuals, major repairs and engine changes when loitering on the ground for tower clearance or climb outs with low airspeed can affect cylinder/ ring seating for good.

Our President and chief technician has 23 years of world wide (Lugano Switzerland, Acores, Portugal) general aviation experience. An NTSB award winner, Beech factory trained, A&P/ IA, 1500 hr Multi raed, IFR, pilot. Add a dozen more years as an avid modeler, throw in  a WWII army air corps father who flew the Hump with the Flying Tigers and was a veteran of the California aerospace industry and you’ll  get the picture, we love airplanes and airplanes love us.

Just being a great mechanic doesn’t alone make Aero Care, Inc. a great business. We are now in our 17th year of continuous operation. We answer the phone, utilize call forwarding, digital pictures, email a hi-speed modem in the hangar and a credit card machine.

We are located in beautiful Orange Massachusetts, so please stop by and compare our state-of-the-art piston engine aircraft (13’6” H by 50’ W door opening) maintenance shop. You will be impressed with our lighting, tool selection and organizational system. Thanks to our 700 ft of  airframe parts raised storage shelving, we never leave a cowling on the hangar floor. We are experts at frozen hardware removal.

We have noticed that many shops run advertisements for their services of installing new equipment and modifications. Sure we install many upgrades, but we think many airplanes should start with the basics. How about  a complete corrosion assessment of your nooks and crannies,  removing water soaked insulation, removing inoperative equipment,  making your gauges, cabin doors and landing gear indicators function properly, eliminate wheel shimmy, calibrating your tachometer and dynamically balancing your engine/propeller combination? Are your AD’s up to date? Are your placards in order ? Are your accessories over TBO?